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Our summer toboggan is an unique attraction in Grindelwald and lots of fun for the whole family! Alone or in pairs, you ride the toboggan reaching speeds of up to 45km/hr, travelling through lush alpine fields. Children are allowed from 4 to 8 years accompanied by an adult on the toboggan. To get to the toboggan, ride the Pfingstegg cable car from Grindelwald up to the top. At the top, the toboggan ride is a round trip, you do not ride the toboggan down to Grindelwald! (look at the map). In the event of rain or wet weather conditions the toboggan may be closed: please also check the red/green icon in the footer.


Normally the toboggan will opens mid of june depending on the snow conditions (left over from winter).


You don't have to book this trip. The Pfingstegg toboggan is a round trip - at the bottom of the ride an automatic lift brings you back up to the top of Pfingstegg. To reach the toboggan you have to take the Pfingstegg cablecar to the top. You can walk back down to the valley (about 1 hour) or take the cable car back down again (return ticket).


Please be aware of the following rules:

- You use the toboggan at your own risk

- In wet weather conditions we close the toboggan immediately due to safety reasons. And you got no right of refunding your payment.

- You must always keep a distance of 25 metres on the run between yourself and the person in front. Please ride safely and at a speed that does not endanger you or others. You are liable for any damages or injuries caused by riding irresponsibly.

- Do not stop, stand still or exit on the run.

- Cameras, mobile phones, selfie-sticks and bags are not allowed on the toboggan.

- Keep your hands and feet inside the toboggan, sit centrally (center of gravity!) on the sledge - do not touch the track or lean outside, you might burn yourself or fall out.

- By buying a ticket the user is acknowledging these and the other rules displayed at the toboggan safety boards in 4 languages.


 And in any case : the toboggan run is a sport facility, RIDE RESPONSIBLY!

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